With my son, having a rare syndrome, this had been the biggest heartache and blessing of my life. Mance is amazing and sweet and he is why


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What is the most rewarding part of being a mom?

Getting to shape this person into an amazing person though it is also the scary part about it. Raising a young black special needs boy honestly. There’s a different way I have to go about it. I want him ti be good when I’m not around. I’m so proud

What is one memory of your kids that you will never forget?

My son and I hitting wet n wild all summer long together. Any time he said let’s go we would go.hour drive nothing better. We love the beach, water , all of that with him being a sensory seeker he could lay in the sand and get hit by the waves all day. It’s our happy place! Oh by the way since it’s rare. His syndrome is TRPS2 if you look it up. Spreading the word of course.

What would you do with $20,000?

I would put money down on a house for my son and I. I would pay off a lot of these bills in behind on. And I would invest some of it in my business Mental Hygiene, I help people deal with mental health struggles that they have daily. And of course I would take Mance and I shopping because he is growing finally and because I never get myself clothes. This would be life changing for my son and I. And as a single mom I would make sure it would take care of us in many different ways.