Introducing the 2023 Super Mom

London Reber

London Reber is an inspiration to us all, a shining light whose beauty emanates from her very core. This passionate mom of three is driven by faith and seeks to find gratitude in all of life’s moments. Her main goal is to be loving in every capacity: in thought, in speech, and in action — which she models after her late sister, Elizabeth, who was the driving force behind her success in the Super Mom competition. 

Elizabeth was born with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect, undergoing three open-heart surgeries and battling leukemia in her early childhood years. It was foundations like Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals who provided aid for London’s family during these challenging times, making the Super Mom competition’s cause so impactful for London. The competition also coincided with the one-year anniversary of her sister’s passing, a connection which London describes as “divinely guided” and offered her “the ability to connect with Elizabeth again in a really sweet and authentic way to let her shine.”

London lives her truth in love and creativity for her sister and wants to communicate her message with the world. As a solution-oriented individual by nature, she seeks a higher purpose by helping others and sharing her genuine warmth, love, and caretaking with the world — she even gushed about being able to use her platform as the 2023 Super Mom to promote the stories of fellow competition finalists in order to encourage a stronger community of mothers and women. We can’t think of a better definition of a Super Mom.

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London Reber
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We also want to extend our gratitude to all the Super Moms who competed and expressed their support for the Children's Miracle Network in this year’s Competition. Super Mom is proud to help Children's Miracle Network Hospitals in their goal to save and improve the lives of as many children as possible.

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