Jennifer Hendricks-Fogg

Watching my son experience and do new things that we were told he may never be able to do!

Placed 3rd

in the Quarter-Finals

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What is one memory of your kids that you will never forget?

My favorite memory is when my son first started walking. My son, Logan, was diagnosed with congenital glioblastoma at 3 ½ months old. We were told several times he would never survive, and may never walk, talk or eat. He has overcome every worst-case scenario thrown at him, including beating unbeatable cancer before he was two years old. His walking for the first time when we were told he may never be able to do is forever etched in my memory. Now he doesn't just walk, he runs!

What is one life lesson you teach your kids?

One lesson I have and will continue to teach my son is resilience; to never give up and never stop fighting. We are all responsible for our own outcomes in life. You must believe in and speak your truth into existence, which is exactly what we did to help our son beat unbeatable cancer. We never accepted the worst-case scenario, it wasn't an option. We had and still have hope, faith, and resilience to get us through! Fake it till you make it or as I like to say, faith it till you make it!

How do you treat yourself after a long day of #momlife?

Every day, I wake up two hours earlier than my husband and son so I can have some alone time. During this time, I journal, meditate, work out, and read. I truly enjoy and thrive on anything related to self-improvement. This allows me to take care of myself first in the event the day goes sideways, and let’s face it, it happens and as moms, we pick up the slack. So, after a long day, I remind myself that I got this, pour a drink, go to bed early, and get up and do it all over again!