Hannah Gifford

I get to spend every day with my daughters. I'm a single mom, I homeschool and work from home. Art museums, festivals, library, parks!!

Placed 14th

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What is one memory of your kids that you will never forget?

How they will randomly say, “Mommy” and wait for me to respond to say “I love you”. All the love notes my eldest has given me. Waking up in the morning to slowly wake her up for her to smile at me as she stretches awake. The beautiful smile in her eyes as she sees me first thing in the morning. The way her eyes sparkle when she’s doing something she loves. There’s really so many memories I will never forget. But I think it’s just so special to see her pa

What is one life lesson you teach your kids?

I love to lead by example the value of being kind, not because it’s what others want you to do or be, not because it’s right to do. Rather because it’s the kind of person they want to be. Having a more in-depth view of who you want to be instead of what others project on you who you should be. I want to live that way myself, and I pray through my example my daughters will feel empowered to be who they want to be!

How do you treat yourself after a long day of #momlife?

I love to light a smell good candle, currently my favorite is coconut and vanilla scents. I love to get cuddle comfy on my couch with my big plush blanky and snuggle up while I much on a sweet snack and catch up on my shows. Some days I enjoy writing my blog. Some days I enjoy sitting and vlogging about a topic I’m passionate about and posting to one of my social media accounts. I love to relax with rain fall on my iPad when I fall asleep!