Betsy Larrabee

Being a mom is loving your kids desperately & being completely overwhelmed with them, often at once! But regardless, showing up every time.

Placed 4th

in the Quarter-Finals

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What is one memory of your kids that you will never forget?

My son (9) and I had been away for 6-weeks for his cancer treatment in a city across the country. We reunited with my husband, younger son (7) & daughter (3). When we saw one another we all cheered & rejoiced, hugging. A couple looked at us and remarked to one another, "They must be cousins, look how thrilled they are to see each other!" Hot tears streaked down my cheeks as I thought, we may just survive this AND love deeper for it!

What is one life lesson you teach your kids?

Our eldest has fought Leukemia for 4 years and it's left a heavy cloud on our family. Through it all I continue to offer that despite the darkest days, we get to wake-up and try again. Life is hard, unexpected, and sometimes outright unfair, but it ALL matters. It's not just rainbows & butterflies- sadness, anger, grief, are all welcome. Life is tough, but so are we! So let's turn our eyes to the sun and cry the hot tears when we see how lucky we are to be alive right now.

How do you treat yourself after a long day of #momlife?

You know, some days I lay in bed and think, "Well, that all went quite poorly...." and it's on those nights that I am the most tender with myself. I treat myself with thoughts like, "tomorrow is a new day!" or "You did a dang good job, considering." Letting myself off the mat after the hardest days, I've found to be the greatest way to "treat" myself better than a glass of wine or girls night out. Though those are lovely, too.